you know the kind..

This little boy is quite proud of himself, and they do think others are
sort of boring, he said “school was beneath me”. so called teachers
inside schools, do not allow different opinions and they wanna us obey
them, do not us feel a split second of free and have our own thoughts,
though they are always encouraging us to be innovative… they themselves
can’t accept new things…in other words, you are only allowed to go along
with them. Being yourself can be a revolutionary act. To be different is
equal to make sacrifices. Making money and work hard are people’s duty
and obligation while speak truth is not one of them. For living, nothing
can’t be lost. Some parents and even teachers can be murderers.
Occupations are just kind of statuses for you to live in this world,
while MOST HUMANBEINGS are literally COWARDS.

There are some movies. they don’t set the world on fire, they may not be
the best artistic creations they can be, and they make a few wrong
turns. But all the same, you find yourself warming to them. Films are
meant to be enjoyable, and there are some we like despite their
failures, or maybe even because OF them. recently, i saw some of this
kind of film that felt so touched and startled which made me feel like
reborned again more or less…


好电影可以你想做个更好的人 因为那些卑微的灵魂 
好电影可以让你放声大哭 鼻涕横流 
然后带着慈祥的傻笑 暗暗握拳 发誓要善待各种生命 







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